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A Windows code signing certificate is crucial for a developer as well as a user. This is because these certificates add a layer of security to a digital solution. Feeling that the software is secure to use, the consumer engages with it easily. On the other hand, for a developer or development company reinforcing their software with a signing certificate means good business. In a study by Interesting Engineering, it was found that cyberattacks are more likely to bring down an F-35 than a missile. Almost everyone has come across one such news where their friend, relative, colleague, or anyone in the circle is a victim of a cybercrime. So, to safeguard yourself and everyone around you, it is important to tread carefully on the web. One aspect of this careful approach is to check whether the software you are about to download is secured with a Windows Code signing certificate.

How can Microsoft Developers Use Code Signing?

Microsoft has made development applications and software relatively easy for developers compared to the development systems in the past. A wide range of Microsoft products are available today, and code signing is recommended for most of them. These include;

1. Windows Desktop Developers: Desktop-based software built with Microsoft development tools requires code signing certificates to make their solution secure and maintain code integrity.

Users open browsers, Outlook, and other Microsoft programs via executable files. In this scenario, when they come across unsigned executables. At this time, Windows sends the user a message that the file is not safe for download.

It is to prevent this from happening that you need to sign your software meant for Windows desktop with a digital certificate.

2. Microsoft Office and VBA developers: Microsoft Office and VBA macros always prefer to integrate with programs that have a code signing certificate from a trusted source.

Here again, to prevent the program from interrupting the users with a security warning or preventing the macro from failing to load the macro, VBA developers using executables need to sign their software with a code signing certificate.

3. Windows Phone and Xbox 360 developers: Executable games and applications with a code signing certificate are recommended by service providers. So, game developers using Microsoft development tools and IDEs to build games must get a trusted certificate authority to issue a signing certificate.

Obtaining a code signing certificate before launching any of the application and software on a Windows platform means your solution will also get a Microsoft Windows® logo. This is going to add a crucial factor to your solution.

Types of Code Signing Certificates

Now that you have an understanding of what a Windows code signing certificate is, let’s move forward with knowing about the types of code signing certificates.

Standard (OV) Code Signing Certificates

This type of code signing certificate is also called Organization Validated (OV) code signing certificate. In this, the Certificate Authority (CA) will verify the organization is attempting to secure the code signing certificate. Due to this, the organization’s name is also inserted into the list of trusted parties. This lends better credibility, trust, and reputation to the organization.

Companies and organizations, including the government ones, use this form of code signing certificate to build trust among their customers. However, due to a few past events, most notably, when hackers …….

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