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Roblox is one of the most popular titles out there thanks to its platform design. Unlike other titles, Roblox allows you to create and share games with other users which can then be played by everyone. This makes for an interesting opportunity and gives users a chance to get their creative juices flowing.

However, it can be a bit tough to get inspired if your Creator studio or the Roblox player fails to work as intended. If you’re facing issues with Roblox on Windows 11, then here’s all you need to know about it.

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Known issues with Roblox on Windows 11

Here are some of the most common and known issues with Roblox that can occur on Windows 11. They should help you narrow down the real cause of your problem and then subsequently fix it using one of the appropriate fixes mentioned in the next section. Let’s get started.

Issue 1: Roblox Client not launching

Roblox client refusing to launch is one of the number one issues faced by players on Windows 11. This issue can occur due to multiple reasons and the most prominent ones include driver issues, secure boot issues, and more. The Roblox client can also crash if it is unable to access Roblox servers.

A corrupted installation, missing system files, and bugs can also cause the Roblox client to crash on your system. Lastly, if you haven’t updated your client in a while then it could also be the reason why the Roblox client is crashing on your PC. You’ll need to update to the latest version of the Roblox client to fix this issue on your Windows 11 system.

Issue 2: Cursor Issues

Cursor issues also plague a lot of Roblox users not only on Windows 11 but on Windows 10 as well. This, unfortunately, arises due to how Roblox is hosted and played on Windows. Roblox uses your default browser to play and join chosen games.

This in turn means that your browser is running in full screen alongside other code to help you play Roblox games. Sadly, depending on how your browser is configured, it might fail to be recognized as full screen on Windows 11. This in turn can cause mouse cursor artifacts and issues on your system. Here are some prominent issues users face with a bugged mouse cursor in Roblox when playing on Windows 11. 

  • Unable to center the aim
  • Unable to vertically (up or down)
  • Playing a game will automatically bring up the taskbar and title bar of the window
  • Aiming in the top right corner closes the game
  • Cursor moving off screen intermittently

And more. If you face either of these issues then you will likely need to first troubleshoot your mouse, then your Roblox client, and finally your default browser.

Issue 3: Network issues

Network issues can also prevent Roblox from launching on your system. When Roblox is unable to access its servers, the client will be unable to display any content on your screen. This can sometimes cause the client to crash or display a white screen with no content altogether. If your PC can access the internet but the Roblox client can not display content or crashes, then you could be facing one of the …….


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