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With the stable release of iOS 16 being around two months away, Apple is adding the final touches to iOS 15. The Cupertino firm has already introduced all of the features it announced back in WWDC21. Now it’s seeding minor updates to last year’s big release to patch leftover bugs and glitches. As part of the moving on process, Apple has finally added one of iOS 15’s notable features to its iCloud app on Windows. Those running the latest version of this application can now use Apple Keychain’s 2FA code generator — which the company introduced in iOS 15. Additionally, iCloud users on Windows get to view and store Password Notes and use the company’s strong password generator.

In a recent update, the Cupertino giant has started supporting Keychain’s iOS 15 additions on its iCloud app for Windows. Those who use a combination of Apple products and a Windows PC will finally get to view and sync this type of data between their devices seamlessly. For the unfamiliar, Password Notes enable users to comment on a certain password they’ve saved. It’s a great way to store additional, relevant information in a secure and private manner. Furthermore, the strong password generator suggests random passwords when setting or changing your password on a certain website. These random passwords include a wide variety of character types and combinations to maximize their strength.

Notably, iCloud Passwords only supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows. Those relying on other web browsers will need to launch the iCloud app every time they need a 2FA code to copy and paste it manually. Nonetheless, the update is a very welcome one. Apple Keychain on Windows has finally caught up with that on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

Do you depend on Apple Keychain to store and manage your passwords? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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