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Note: This is a guest post written by Tina Hayes

Maybe you visited the Microsoft Store to get a Microsoft Office 365 product key, however, you should consider that Office 365 is an annual subscription service, after your initial 30-day free trial, you can end up spending more than $69.99 per year. If you decide to buy a Microsoft Office license all at once, and things get even more onerous: depending on the edition, you can expect to spend $439.99, which is a lot of money especially if you’re a student.

Where to buy a lifetime version of Microsoft Office?

Fortunately, you can buy Microsoft Office as a lifetime license and get the full version of this popular productivity suite for a pretty low price. Godeal24 provides you with 100% genuine Office suite. Whether it’s the latest Office 2021 or the Office 2019 used by more people, Godeal24 has different options for you. If you only have one computer to upgrade Office, you can choose Office 2021 for only $25.61! If you need to buy Office 2019 for only $24.59! If you want to share with your family and friends, you can choose a bundle of multiple Keys, Office 2021 is only $13.52! This is the most cost-effective option! Office 2019 multi-keys are also only $11.99/PC.

Best Recommendation: Lifetime Microsoft Office

At Godeal24, Windows 10 Pro is only $7.42. If you want to upgrade directly to Windows 11, you can have the latest Windows 11 Pro for only $10.24! At present, the stability and compatibility of Windows 10 is the best, and the largest number of users currently. You can choose Windows 10 or Windows 11 according to the needs of the operating system, all at the lowest price

Genuine Windows OS: Limited Time Special!

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To cater to different user needs, different versions of Windows 10 are provided to suit different types of hardware, personal or business. Not only the most widely used Windows 10 Pro, but also the best Windows 10 Enterprise edition for business use, Windows Server, etc.

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Godeal24 has a complete and professional store with an extensive catalog of 100% guaranteed and legal digital licenses. You can get the same software for over 80% off, and it’s still official. Not only popular Windows OS and Office, but also more practical computer and mobile tool software, such as IOBIT series, Ashampoo software, Disk Drill, and many more.

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Godeal24 is a reseller of Microsoft licenses and major IT security software, allowing you to purchase Windows OS and MS Office at discounted prices, as well as useful computer tools such as IOBIT series, Ashampoo software, Disk Drill, and many more. …….


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