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Windows 11 Remote Desktop can be slow due to unstable network

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  • Network issues can make RDP slow or laggy.
  • Reducing the display size of the Remote Desktop in the RDP settings can help fix the issue.
  • Allowing RDP through Windows Defender Firewall can optimize its performance.


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Many users have complained about Windows 11 Remote Desktop being very slow and increasingly becoming rampant. Various things can make the Remote Desktop connection very slow on Windows 10/11.

Sometimes, it can be a network connection issue in the client’s computer, Windows update issues, or display requirements issues.

Fortunately, the RDP laggy local network issue is not impossible to fix. Hence, we shall discuss how you can fix the Remote Desktop if it’s slow on Windows 11.

Why is Microsoft Remote Desktop so slow?

  • Network connection issues: A fast internet connection helps you connect faster with the Remote Desktop. Otherwise, the Microsoft Remote Desktop will be super slow. It can lead to a frozen Remote Desktop connection. Likewise, using the Remote Desktop over a local network can make the RDP laggy over local network. Connecting to the internet via a cable network can be annoying because it makes your network extremely slow.
  • Having many users on the same VPN connection: Users often complain about having a laggy Remote Desktop connection while connected to VPN. Consequently, the connection speed is slow and Remote Desktops can be slower over a VPN.
  • Using third-party Remote Desktop apps: Many users complain about the remote desktop connection being slow while using third-party Remote Desktop software. Many RDP software users download and use, but they tend to be wrong. So, when you use such an app, your Remote Desktop connection can be slow.

How do I fix Windows 11’s Remote Desktop if it’s very slow?

1. Check your network connection


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