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Hi, I’m attempting to install Windows 11 on a blank SSD drive in my Mac Pro 4.1>5.1. I’m running Martin Lo’s OC 0.8.0 v2 with 12.5.1 (no issues there so far). I’ve followed the directions in the 1st post of the OpenCore thread and that all works with no problem. I’m able to install Windows, but after a few minutes, the screen suddenly turns blank, and the monitor switches between turning off, and turning back on to a blank screen, like it’s trying to find a signal. If I shut down and reboot Windows, it goes right into this behavior. I’ve tried installing this twice now, and it seems like it will happen after a certain period of time. The first time it happened during the setup; second time, I went through the setup a little faster and got to the point where the desktop was loading up and then it happened.

Would anyone be able to help me figure out what is happening here? Let me know what other info would be helpful.




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