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Holidaymakers taking to the skies again after two-and-a-half years inside the COVID pandemic are having to re-acquaint themselves with the quirks of travel.

Some things may take a while to get accustomed to, and suddenly travellers are noticing little details they may not have paid attention to before.

For example – what is that tiny little hole on commercial passenger plane windows, and why on earth is it referred to as a “bleed hole”?

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The very name conjures something rather fearful and, it turns out, that’s with good reason (sorry, nervous flyers).

This little hole in the window pane is called a ‘bleed hole.’ Credit: Facebook/HYGO Hilarious

The hole helps regulate how much pressure from inside the cabin is exerted on the plane’s windows.

It ensures that if a plane’s window is going to break (heaven help!), the outer pane goes first.

The bleed hole ensures that if a plane’s window is going to break, the outer pane goes first. Credit: Facebook/HYGO Hilarious

Most commercial aircraft window panes have outer, middle and inner panes, all usually made from acrylic.

“The outer pane bears all the stress of cabin pressurisation,” tech writer Robbie Gonzalez explained in an article for Gizmodo.

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The inner pane is designed to hold the cabin pressure in the “extremely rare” event the outer pane is fractured.

That’s why it’s recommended that passengers don’t rest their head on that little bubble-like hole, because you’re effectively preventing it from doing its job.

Sleeping with your head pressed against the ‘bleed hole’ is not recommended. File image. Credit: Leren Lu/Getty Images

“The purpose of the breather hole, which is located near the bottom of the middle pane, becomes …….

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