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Retro gaming is an art form that continues to be one of the best influences on the industry, even many years down the line. Thanks to the smart idea from early Windows developers to add games to their Operating Systems, we’ve had the opportunity to experience many classics. Today, we’ve decided to celebrate these classics with a list of some of the most memorable retro Windows Games we grew up on.

3D Pinball Space Cadet

A free game that was actually graphically impressive? Microsoft truly set a new bar with the inclusion of Space Cadet Pinball on the Windows OS.

It was a great decision because there are at least two generations that are forever nostalgic about the existence of the game. Truth be told, most of us never really knew the history of this game, so we were quite impressed to find out that Maxis is the Studio behind it.

Another popular project they’ve created is The Sims, a highly acclaimed series of games. Maxis also created two more tables in addition to Space Cadet. The actual game with the three maps is called Full Tilt! Pinball.

There you have it, an entirely new reason to revisit this retro Windows game today!


Before Microsoft gave us the free version of Solitaire, there was definitely a good dose of head-scratching when it was mentioned around the world. Now, it seems like there is a universal familiarity with it.

Just to see how much Solitaire’s popularity can be attributed to Microsoft, try to find one out of 10 random strangers that have actually played it by hand. It’s highly unlikely. Yet, most would instantly recall their boring Saturday nights being rescued by this seemingly unconventional take on card games.

If that isn’t a testament to how amazing the Solitaire era was, then there’s no convincing you.

Those who would like to revisit the classic game Solitaire online, check out


Ok, we are going to go out on a limb and say that Minesweeper is the most polarizing game on this list. There are people that get the gist of how it’s played, and then there are those that swear it’s just random buttons and luck. Regardless of whichever camp you’re in, you’ve more than likely put in multiple attempts at succeeding in the game. For those that are in tune with its rules, you’re likely having a better time than the others.

Minesweeper is pretty easy to grasp once it clicks, but that doesn’t make the tension any less prevalent during gameplay. Carefully uncovering the numbers and taking your sweet time to know whether the next box could spell your doom. That sounds like a retro Windows game and a core memory.

Microsoft Mahjong

If you thought Minesweeper was bad in terms of playing on your intelligence, then you might not have spent enough time with Mahjong. There were some elements that definitely helped with sticking around, but matching these tiles felt like the biggest IQ test that could ever pop up during a casual gaming session.

So many of us have tried every iteration of Mahjong that came along, right from the Windows 98 days, but it never really seemed to …….


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