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Okay so recently I had to scan a paper and therefor used an Canon PIXMA MG5650 to scan.

However after I’ve installed the drivers and done my project it keeps creating an file on my desktop called:

“SUMG5600 series_info.ini”


So I decided to uninstall via revo-uninstaller, but for some reason it keeps creating the darn thing.

I have checked autostart and saw that some drivers were still in the system32 folder which i copied and backed up and then removed from the system32 folder (risky i know, hence my backup but yeah)


anyway, it still keeps happening… checked services and task schedulers but can’t locate what actually creating it.


Drivers were installed by:

Latest driver, installed 2 days ago.


Any help would be appreciated!


Win version:

Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, 19043.2006



Thanks in advance


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