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ROCHELLE — Pat Moore of Rochelle was a happy woman when new windows were installed at the home she shares with her son, Jimmy. “I’ve lived here for 40 years and never been able to open the windows,” Pat explained.

Her good fortune was made possible through a women’s organization called P.E.O. A member of Oregon Chapter IU became aware of Pat’s need and made application to the P.E.O. Home Fund. That fund provides housing assistance to seniors, 65 years and older. Once the application was approved, seven new windows were installed in May of 2022. Gazing at her home,  Pat exclaimed, “I am elated! It’s a blessing and a godsend. I want to thank the P.E.O. group of Oregon. You have changed our lives.”

In addition to the Home Fund, P.E.O. also provides help to women in the following ways:

Educational Loan Fund provides low-interest-rate loans for women to reach their educational goals.

Program for continuing education provides grants to women whose education has been interrupted.

Scholar Awards provides awards to women pursuing a doctoral level degree.

International Peace Scholarship provides scholarships for international women students to pursue graduate study in the U.S. and Canada.

Star Scholarship provides scholarships to high school graduating women to attend post-secondary educational institutions.

Lulu Corkhill Williams Friendship Fund provides temporary assistance to Illinois women in need.

Cottey College Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri, the only nonsectarian college owned by women.

For information about any of these programs, call 815-440-1894. 

Source: https://rochellenews-leader.com/article/oregon-peo-helps-to-install-new-windows-for-rochelle-family

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