Microsoft to bring Windows 11 features to Windows 10 with 22H2 update: Report – Republic World

The Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft is preparing to introduce new features to Windows 10, and some of them could be from Windows 11. While this could be good for the company as users might find these features handy and upgrade to Windows 11, they would make things easier for Windows 10 users. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming features for Windows 10. 

Windows 10 to get a print lock from Windows 11

According to a new report by Windows Latest, Microsoft is planning to bring a feature from the latest Windows 11 to Windows 10. This feature could be released as a part of the upcoming 22H2 update, which is supposed to arrive after this year. Apparently, the print lock feature which asks for a pin every time the user accesses the printer, would come to Windows 10 with the upcoming operating system update. Although it might not sound like a big update, this could be the beginning of Microsoft bringing new features to Windows 10 users. 

Why should Microsoft bring new features to Windows 10? Since its release, Windows 11 has not been able to penetrate well among users. According to a research-based report published by Lawsweeper, an IT Management firm, less than two per cent of the total Windows users were using Windows 11 till March this year, while a majority of users were using Windows 10. Further, Windows 10 is going to be around till 2025, as announced by Microsoft. Hence, it only makes sense to release some new features for Windows 10 users. 

New Windows 11 feature to help users monitor their privacy

As mentioned by the Vice President, OS Security and Enterprise at Microsoft, David Weston, the new Windows 11 Privacy Auditing feature allows users to see the history of sensitive device information like the microphone, camera and location. An image shared by Weston shows how the feature looks in action. It shows the name of the application that used critical system resources on the left and other important information such as the date and time. Stay tuned for more information about Windows 11 and other tech news. 


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