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Microsoft has been trying to improve its app store experience by offering a better user interface, more apps either native or via Android app support, etc. However, there was one problem that might not affect a lot of users but it certainly helps them decide whether the app is worth giving a try. Well, Microsoft Store used to restrict user reviews on apps and games to 2000 only. But, that’s no longer the case. The app store has been updated to show more than 2000 reviews.
Microsoft’s Principal Architect lead of the Microsoft Store Rudy Huyn took Twitter to announce this new change. Huyn also revealed that the 2000 review limitation was due to an old technical limitation. He further confirmed that the issue has been fixed and Microsoft Store can show more reviews per app or game.

He also shared some screenshot examples of some games with 66,000, 2,19,000 and 5,36,000 reviews. This is undoubtedly a lot more than the previous reviews cap. While, it is not clear that if there’s still some sort of limitation in terms of review count or whether the Microsoft Store, going forward, will show all the reviews that’s available for the app or game.
“An old technical limitation prevented the #MicrosoftStore from displaying more than 2,000 reviews per product in the past, this is something we had to fix and we are now very glad to announce that this limitation is finally gone,” said Huyn.
While displaying more number of reviews may not sound much of a big deal. However, it certainly used to make things more complicated while deciding whether to download the app or not. Given the limitation has been lifted, it will allow users to go through more reviews and get a proper insight into the app they are planning to download on their Windows PCs.
The changes are a server-side update and you don’t need to download an update or anything for this.


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