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Windows offers various ways to zoom in on your screen, allowing you to take a closer look at your items. We’ll show you how to zoom in and out on your photos, videos, web pages, and other items on your Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC.

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Use Magnifier to Zoom In Everywhere on Windows

To zoom in on any screen on your PC, use Windows’ built-in Magnifier app. This app’s sole purpose is to help you take a closer look at your screen’s icons, menus, and other items.

To use this method, first, launch the Magnifier app on your PC. You can do it by opening the “Start” menu, searching for “Magnifier”, and selecting the app in the search results.

Soon as Magnifier opens, it will zoom in on your current screen. You’ll find that your screen contents are now enlarged. Move your cursor around to navigate your screen.

To zoom out, in the Magnifier app, click the “-” (minus) icon. You can also zoom out by closing the app.

And that’s how you identify even the smallest of objects on your PC’s screen. Very useful!

Use Your Web Browser to Zoom In on Web Pages

Nearly all web browsers offer the option to zoom in on your web pages. You can invoke this function using either a keyboard shortcut or your browser menu.

To use it, first, launch your preferred web browser and access your web page.

When your web page has loaded, press Ctrl++ to zoom in. That’s the Ctrl and the “+” (plus) key.

To zoom in even further press the same Ctrl++ keys.

You can then zoom out by pressing Ctrl+-. That’s the Ctrl and the “-” (minus) key.

If you’d rather use a graphical option, then click the menu icon in your browser’s top-right corner and use the “+” icon to zoom in and the “-” icon to zoom out.

Enjoy the enlarged versions of your favorite sites!

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Use the Photos App to Zoom In on Pictures

To zoom in on a picture, use your PC’s built-in Photos app.

First, open your image with Photos. To do that, right-click your image in File Explorer and choose Open With > Photos.

On your photo page, select the “Zoom In” option at the top. This is a magnifying glass icon with a “+” sign on it.

To zoom out, click the “Zoom Out” option at the top. This is a magnifying glass icon with a “-” sign on it.

Alternatively, you can zoom in by pressing Ctrl++ and zoom out by pressing Ctrl+-. You can also use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out on your photos.

Use VLC Media Player to Zoom In on Videos

For zooming in on your videos, use the free and open-source VLC Media Player app. This app offers an interactive zoom feature that you …….


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