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Planning to improve your computer? Keep reading to find out how to upgrade to Windows 11 and enjoy the many improvements that come with it.

Windows 11 is the newest Operating System developed by Microsoft, which today represents the most advanced, safe, and fast system on the market. Compared to the previous version, Windows 11 offers a wide range of new features, both in terms of graphics and functionality. Furthermore, the OS has been provided with many security features aimed at improving online safety and protecting private and corporate data. For instance, the new TPM 2.0 security module offers higher levels of protection of files, privacy, and important data typed during online surfing. Microsoft also provides many periodic updates intended to grant full protection against all the most recent Internet threats. New encryption techniques were also implemented to better protect your computer from any kind of cyberattack. Windows 11 is not only good for home use but also represents a really great system for workers: in fact, many multitasking features have been added to improve workflow and remote work. The latest OS by Microsoft has also been designed to improve the gaming experience as well. On the other hand, graphics have been improved too: the new OS features a centered Start button and many widgets to easily check the latest news or the weather without ever leaving the main screen.

The new and modern design can also be freely customized to the user’s liking. Lastly, Windows 11 is finally compatible with many Android apps. Today, you have at your disposal many ways to get Windows 11 for free: everyone in possession of a computer that runs Windows 10 or 8 is in fact eligible for a free upgrade to the new system. If your PC runs Windows 8 you’ll be able to download Windows 10 for free and upgrade to the latest system without paying anything. Otherwise, you’ll be required to purchase an original license. Fortunately, today you’re not forced to buy Windows 11 at full price on the original Microsoft Store and you can get it at a discounted price. This is possible thanks to Mr Key Shop, a company that has been operating in the digital software sector for over twenty years and that provides its customers with many original products at a very advantageous price. If you’re not eligible to download Windows 11 for free, the shop will give you the chance to buy Windows 10 and save up to 70%: this will give you the chance to save on the price list and take advantage of the free upgrade to the latest system offered by Microsoft. This way you’ll have the chance to upgrade your computer and experience all the new features included in Windows 11. Mr Key Shop also gives you the chance to buy Microsoft Office and many other original products for cheap. Let’s have a closer look at this matter.

Upgrade to Windows 11: Price and requirements

Before upgrading your computer to Windows 11 it’s important to check if it’s compatible with the new Operating System. You can easily do it by clicking the Start button and Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Windows Update is a very …….


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