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(Pocket-lint) – If you’re finding that you’re running low on storage space on your Windows machine there are several ways you can clean things up to free up room. 

Obviously, you could always purchase an additional drive to add more space, but if that’s not an option then there are other things you can do. 


Start with Disk Cleanup

Windows has a tool built into it called Disk Cleanup. You can use this tool to remove files you’ve downloaded, temporary error reports, temporary internet files and more. 

To use Disk Cleanup, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking the start button or the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. Type Disk Cleanup to search for the tool
  3. Select the drive you want to clean and click ok
  4. Select the files you want to delete and click ok
  5. Repeat the process and select  “clean up system files” at the bottom 
  6. Select other files to delete and click ok


Cleaning up system files can remove leftover Windows update files, Microsoft Defender files, upgrade logs and more. 


Empty your recycle bin

If you’ve been deleting files from your machine in an effort to free up space then one thing you might have overlooked is your recycle bin. 

When you delete files in Windows they’re not fully deleted but are instead put into your recycle bin. This is ideal if you need to recover any of the files you might have accidentally deleted, but files in your recycle bin are still taking up space on your machine. You may well find that the recycle bin is stuffed full of large files that are still clogging up your machine even if you thought you’d got rid of them. 

To empty your recycle bin, right-click …….


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