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(Pocket-lint) – When a program freezes in Windows or is just causing you some grief it can be a pain to sort it out.

One solution is to force quit. With a few clicks, you can force your way back into a happy place where everything is functioning as it should be. Or at least where the problem program is no longer bothering you anyway. 

There are a few different ways you can force quit or close a program or app in Windows if you need to do so. So follow these steps to get started fixing your woes. 


How to force quit with keyboard shortcuts

If you’re in an app, game or program and it freezes on you it can be a real misery. You can either sit there and wait for it to resolve itself (who has time for such things) or you can use keyboard shortcuts to sort your problem out. 


In Windows, there are common keyboard shortcuts that work across all apps and programs and are perfectly suited to this task at hand. 

When you have a problem app, press CTRL+X on your keyboard. This is the key combination used to close an app. If that doesn’t work try ALT+F4 instead. These combinations should close a program unless it’s being particularly problematic.


Force quit with Task Manager

If there’s a problem with any app or program that can’t be solved with shortcuts or patience, then there’s always the power of Task Manager. 

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