How to Enable or Disable USB Selective Suspend in Windows 11 –

Selective suspend helps computers save power

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  • The Selective suspend feature prevents unnecessary power consumption.
  • Selective suspend is unnecessary while the computer is plugged in and not on the battery power.
  • USB overloading can affect the host and the connected USB devices.


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Windows uses numerous means of saving power. Selective suspend is one of the programs that helps Windows computers to conserve energy and extend their span. Whenever the selective suspend is running on a program on your computer, it stops the program from working to save power.

However, the USB selective suspend Windows 11 is a common issue that erupts from the operations of the Select suspend.

Furthermore, the USB selective suspend setting enable or disable feature determines whether your computer will recognize or read any USB devices you have connected.

USB devices like external mice, hard drives, USB drives, etc., won’t work if the selective suspend is enabled.

Moreover, using Select suspend on your computer has a good side and a negative side. However, it depends on the user to know how to use it.

Likewise, users complain about the USB selective suspend Windows 11 missing. So, we’ll discuss how to enable and disable the USB selective suspend on Windows 11.

What does the USB selective suspend setting do?

The USB selective suspend settings in Windows 10/11 determines which USB device the computer to turn off to save power. Some USB devices connected to your ports are set in a low-power state, which minimizes unnecessary power consumption.

Hence, Select suspend is a system that helps your computer select and choose which USB devices to turn off when they are not active.

It allows the hub driver to temporarily disable a single USB port without affecting the functioning of other USB ports.

Furthermore, connecting many USB devices like mice, drives, and keyboards to your computer can drain the battery quickly.

So the concept of Selective …….


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