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Microsoft takes copy and paste to the next level with Clipboard history on Windows 11. You can use Clipboard history on Windows 10, but in this guide, we will walk you through how to do it on Windows 11. It’s not a complicated process, here’s what you need to do.

Enable Clipboard history on Windows 11

Here’s what you need to do to enable Clipboard history on Windows 11.

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to System > Clipboard.

3. Turn the Clipboard history toggle to the On position (turn it to the Off position to turn the feature off).

4. If you have multiple devices, you can choose to also turn on the Sync across your devices toggle and choose whether you want to Automatically or Manually sync text that I copy. If you want to clear all content from your clipboard history, click the Clear button.

Once you follow these steps, Clipboard history will be enabled on your PC.

View and use Clipboard history

At this point, it’s important to note that the content in your Clipboard only supports copying images from select apps like Edge or the Snipping Tool. 

You can still right-click your mouse and choose either copy or paste from the context menu or use the reliable keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) text and images one at a time.

But when Clipboard history is enabled, you can pick from other items you have previously copied. Use the Windows key + V keyboard shortcut to see what content has already been copied.  

Here’s an example of how to use Clipboard history on Windows 11.

1. Launch the app, website, or document to paste the copied text. In this example, I copied and pasted elements from Xbox to launch brand new Home UI in 2023 into a WordPad document.  

2. Use the Windows key + V keyboard shortcut to open Clipboard history. The most recent items you have copied will appear at the top of the list. 

3. Click on any item in the Clipboard history list to paste it into the open application.


4. If you want to remove items from the Clipboard history, click on the three-dot menu and select the garbage can icon to delete the item. 

5. You can also pin an item on the Clipboard history. By pinning the item, it will stay on the list even if you reboot the computer or click Clear all. Click the thumbtack icon to pin an item. To unpin an item, click the thumbtack icon again to unpin an item. 

6. Clipboard history on Windows 11 also has the ability to paste an item as text if needed. So if you have something you copied and you want to paste it as plain text, click the three-dot menu and click the notepad icon to paste an item as plain text (without formatting).

7. If you want to clear your Clipboard history list, just click the Clear all button to clear everything. 



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