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When should a homeowner consider replacing their windows and exterior doors? Well, there are likely a few clues.

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Like, the fact they haven’t opened and closed so well since you purchased the home, or have been painted shut since the kids left for college. Or, they were last replaced, or date back to an era when the Stanley Cup was routinely paraded down Saint-Catherine Street in Montreal— and that’s been a while.

Or, when you walk by a window in the winter months and a cool draft sweeps up and bites you on the wazoo. And/or, you know it’s cold outside, and that it’s morning, but can’t for the life of you know what the heck’s going on outside because whatever part of the glass pane that isn’t covered in frost, is completely fogged up, with a truly clear view to the exterior returning only in the spring.

These are all good reasons to stop by your local building supply centre to discuss your window options.

Note the term ‘local’ in my last sentence. You wanna order a T-shirt, self-help book, or stretchy bands for your hot yoga class online, fine (though decent local options exist for those too). But, a window purchase, or buying any big-ticket item for that matter, at anything other than your local brick-and-mortar establishment, would in my opinion, be a big mistake.

What about giving Tina from Window World a shot at your business? She sounds like such a lovely young lady on the phone, and as luck would have it, she happens to have a salesperson in your area on Friday.

Forget about it.

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First of all, Tina’s probably some middle-aged guy who works out of his basement, and is about as genuine as the Rolex you purchased from the pop-up sales tent at last summer’s carnival. And, do you really need the free, Don Cherry’s Rock’em Sock’em Hockey 12 that’ll be gifted to you should you allow the travelling sales rep 15 minutes of your time?

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If during a moment of weakness, Tina convinces you that a home visit would serve your best interests, don’t let this fellow enter your home. He may be sweet, and remind you of your grandson, but I tell ya, this guy’s hairline hides a 666 burned into his skull and his sales techniques will make Johnny over at Johnny’s used car deals look like yesterday’s baloney sandwich.

If this fellow makes it through your front door, don’t, do not, …….

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