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EuroLinux Desktop 9 is a modern operating system that combines the aesthetics and functionality of Windows and macOS with the reliability and security of server Linux distributions. The software, built upon the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, incorporates a series of changes to the user interface, introduced by EuroLinux. The system was designed for use in office work, public institutions, companies, educational institutions, and private users. It is covered by 10 years of technical support from the manufacturer.

The premiere of the EuroLinux Desktop, an operating system prepared for personal computers, took place on September the 20th, 2022. This solution is designed for people and organizations which use Windows or macOS daily and are looking for a stable system with many years of technical support as well as a similar aesthetic to Microsoft and Apple. The new system intuitively responds to the needs of public administration, the financial sector, educational institutions, and private users. EuroLinux Desktop is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, the system that is universally used in the most demanding environments (banks, stock exchanges, industry). However, it includes additional functionalities, extensions, and facilities.

What’s new in EuroLinux Desktop?

The developments made to EuroLinux Desktop primarily concern its appearance and usability. They significantly affect the reception of the software, without overcomplicating it. This maintains the server stability and security of the systems RHEL, EuroLinux, and CentOS and at the same time facilitates the use of the system for people accustomed to Windows or macOS.

Graphic environment

Users of Windows and macOS will enjoy the translucent taskbar at the bottom of the screen, modeled on the latest versions of these systems. Most importantly, the dock has a library for the icons of your favorite apps, an information bar for notifications, and any running programs. Additionally, there is a button that displays icons of all apps at higher magnification, as well as the date and time information. Of course, there is a wide range of customization options including the ability to change the position of the bar to suit the user’s requirements. Further, the user can customize its height, length, transparency, color, and spacing between icons, and their size according to their needs.

EuroLinux Desktop allows you to place icons on the desktop as standard, even though the system uses the popular GNOME window manager, which does not provide such functionality by default. The system also provides the function of window maximization and minimization, which is well known from other solutions.

After right-clicking, additional menu items appear on the wallpaper (e.g. New Text Document). For the user’s convenience, instant notification icons for messengers or email clients were added. EuroLinux Desktop allows you to switch day/night themes with a single click of the moon icon in the dock or you can also set automatic theme switching based on the time of the day.

Rich multimedia support

EuroLinux Desktop supports many media file formats (mp3, mpg, WMA, ts, opus, Ogg, mp4, FLAC, AIFF, acc, ac3, avi), as well as open codecs used in popular mkv video files (Matroska). Each of these formats can be run in the default Totem/Video system player.

Extensive office suite

EuroLinux Desktop includes the popular LibreOffice suite corresponding with …….


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