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Windows 11 printer access denied prevents the printer from working

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  • Outdated printer drivers can cause many printer errors on your computer.
  • Removing the print spooler can fix the access denied printer error in Windows 11.
  • Updating Windows can fix the various errors you may encounter on your computer.


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Connecting Windows computers to external devices like the printer allow you to do things more conveniently. However, there are several issues you can encounter while trying to collect your computer from external devices like printers. Users complain about the Windows 11 printer access denied error.

Many conditions may be responsible for this issue ranging from hardware issues, driver issues, and lots more. Hence, This article will discuss the causes of the problem and how to fix it.

The Windows 11 printer access denied error prevents you from using the printer for any action on the computer. It indicates that there isn’t a good connection between the computer and the printer.

Likewise, printer errors can result in the Windows cannot connect to the printer access is denied error 0x0000011b. However, it can be due to driver issues, permission not granted errors, and others.

Moreover, this error is prominent in Windows 11 but can be encountered in other devices regardless of the version.

Fortunately, there are some fixes you can use to fix the ‘Windows can’t connect to printer access is denied. So, we’ll guide you through how to fix the error and what to look out for whenever you encounter it.

Why does my printer Say Access Denied?

  • Faulty connection between the computer and the printer: There are several errors users can encounter with printers, like the access denied when adding a printer from the print server and Windows 11 shared printer access denied. However, these errors can occur due to connection issues while connecting the printer to the computer. However, Windows 11 printer access denied error occurs when there isn’t a smooth connection between the printer and the computer. Hence, preventing it from performing as expected.
  • Interference from other connected printer devices:</…….

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