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According to Microsoft, the System Service Exception stop code indicates that executing code had an exception, and the thread that was below it, is a system thread.

When the error affects the system services, Windows identifies this as a bug and displays the Blue Screen to prevent further damage. System services are responsible for controlling and managing the functionality of the Operating system and other applications. Any programs, drivers, or incompatible hardware can interfere with these services to cause the BSOD.

Once you identify the responsible processes, programs, or drivers, you can easily solve the error by repairing, stopping, or removing them. So, we have compiled a list of all the possible causes and their working fixes to solve this Blue screen error in your system.  

What Causes System Service Exception BSOD

Here are the major issues that cause the system service to malfunction and display the Blue Screen of Death.

  • Faulty or Outdated hardware drivers, especially GPU drivers
  • Security services such as third-party antiviruses
  • Error in web camera or its driver
  • Improperly seated or damaged RAM
  • Overclocking GPU or CPU
  • Malware and faulty third-party programs
  • Damaged Operating System

Most Frequent System Service Exception BSOD

BSOD is not uncommon in Windows, and we have been seeing the error from the time of Windows XP. The System_Service_Exception also appears time and again but because of different errors. Let’s go through the most frequent ones.

  • 0x0000003b – Paged Pool or Memory Error
  • Dxgkrnl.sys, Dxgmms2.sys – DirectX and Graphics Driver Error
  • Win32kbase.sys, ks.sys – System Drivers Error
  • Asmtxhci.sys – USB or Peripherals Controller Error
  • Ntfs.sys – File System Driver Error
  • Rtkvhd64.sys – Audio Controller Error
  • Igdkmd64.sys – Intel Graphics Driver Error
  • Nvlddmkm.sys – Nvidia Driver Error
  • Registry.sys – Registry Error
  • tm.sys – New hardware, software or peripheral error

How to Fix System_Service_Exception BSOD

It really helps our case if the BSOD displayed the error name alongside the stop code. But when a Blue screen shows up, our system restarts immediately after it collects the error info. Sometimes, there may not be sufficient time to note the name or even stop the code that caused the BSOD.

So, if your system restarts after the Blue screen, you should disable automatic restart to view the details next time.

  1. Press Windows + ‘R’ to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type systempropertiesadvanced to open the Advanced tab of System Properties.
  3. Click on Settings under Startup and Recovery.
  4. Uncheck Automatically Restart and click OK.

Now that you have noted the error details, let’s move on to fixing the BSOD problem.

Open in Safe Mode

Safe mode opens your computer with minimal programs and drivers. So, if some third-party drivers are interfering with your system, then booting on the Safe mode will fix the BSOD.

Let’s see …….

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